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Roberta Nelson


Roberta R. Nelson was born in Montana and raised in Minnesota and North Dakota. She trained in counseling, human development, psychosynthesis, and Anthroposophy and earned a doctorate in Counselor Education from North Dakota State University, where her dissertation focused on incorporating Anthroposophy and psychosynthesis into counselor education and training. In addition, Roberta is licensed as a Licensed Practical Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and addiction counseling (LAC). In 1997 she founded ReConnect: A Center for Schooling and Counseling, dedicated to bridging the gaps among mainstream mental health, psychosynthesis, and spiritual science. A recent affiliation with AAP (Association for Anthroposophic Psychology) is a continuation of her lifelong goal to establish professional training that connects contemporary education with esoteric traditions. Roberta’s ongoing commitment to healing and renewal is most recently demonstrated in her founding role in a biodynamic, land-based therapeutic initiative on her 750-acre family farm.  

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