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Devon Strong


Devon Strong
 ran Four Eagles Farm, a member supported organic farm located outside of Yreka, California. He was a biodynamic farmer for twenty-one years, and a bison rancher for seventeen. He was a member of the Oregon Biodynamic Group. In addition to his farm work, he traveled all over the West, shoeing horses and shearing sheep. He was raised on cattle ranches in Nevada and pursued traditional Lakota studies for thirty years; he was eventually formally adopted by a Lakota family. He ran sweat lodges and served as a ceremonial leader in many different settings in his local community. Near the end of his life, his innovative merging of Lakota buffalo ceremony with biodynamic practices led to his being twice invited to lead workshops and presentations at the International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference, held at the world center of Rudolf Steiner’s thought, the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland.

Author's Books

A Lakota Approach to Biodynamics

Taking Life Seriously