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Vladimir Solovyov


Vladimir Solovyov (1853–1900), one of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, was the founder of a tradition of Russian spirituality that brought together philosophy, mysticism, and theology with a powerful social message. A close friend of Dostoevsky, a Platonist, and a gnostic visionary, Solovyov was a prophet, having been granted three visions of Sophia, Divine Wisdom. He was also a poet and a profoundly Christian metaphysicist. His most important works include Lectures on Divine Humanity; The Justification of the Good; and War, Progress, and the End of History. 

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Library of Russian Philosophy Series

War, Progress, and the End of History

Three Conversations, Including a Short Tale of the Antichrist

Vladimir Solovyov
Introduction by Czesław Miłosz
Afterword by Stephan Hoeller
Translated by Thomas R. Beyer
Vladimir Solovyov
Introduction by Owen Barfield
Revised by Thomas R. Beyer, Jr.
Translated by jane Marshall