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Thomas Hardtmuth, MD


Dr. Thomas Hardtmuth, MD, born in 1956, is a physician and freelance writer. He studied medicine in Munich and works as a senior physician specializing in thoracic surgery at the Heidenheim Clinic. Dr. Hardtmuth lectures and leads seminars in the field of medical and anthropological issues. His publications include Das verborgene Ich: Aspekte zum Verständnis der Krebskrankheit (The hidden “I”: Aspects of understanding cancer), 2003 and Denkfehler. Das Dilemma der Hirnforschung (Errors in thinking: The dilemma of brain research), 2006.

Author's Books

Medicine in the Stranglehold of Profit

The Threat to the Art of Healing and the Social Fabric, and the New Orientation Needed for Truly Looking After Health


Beyond Mainstream Medicine

Dialogue towards a New Paradigm for Health


What Covid-19 Can Teach Us

Meeting the Virus with Fear or Informed Common Sense?