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Waldorf Cookbooks Series

The Waldorf Book of Breads

Compiled by Marsha Post
Edited by Winslow Eliot
Illustrated by Jo Valens
November 2009
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  • Publisher
  • Published
    20th November 2009
  • ISBN 9780880107037
  • Language English
  • Pages 64 pp.

Like the bestselling Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book and the Waldorf School Book of Soups, this cookbook in the series provides yet another a rich resource for spending time in the kitchen with young children—this time baking bread. What child doesn’t like to feel and knead bread dough, watch it rise, and then taste it fresh from the oven? Not only is such hands-on sensory experience fun for everyone, it is also invaluable to young children as they continue to incarnate into our world.

These recipes have been handed down by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and friends. They are easy to follow and encourage the baker, young and older alike, to use the best possible ingredients, making bread once again the healthy “staff of life” it once was. The Waldorf Book of Breads includes tasty breads for the daily table and specialty breads for the seasons and special occasions.

Artist Jo Valens provides delightful illustrations to accompany the many recipes for delicious breads.

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Making Bread
The History of Bread
Back to Scratch
Wheat Breads
Spelt Breads
Corn Breads
Rye Breads
Flat Breads
Fruit Breads
Festival Breads
Specialty Breads
Rolls, Buns, Biscuits & Scones
Popovers & Puffs
Sourdough Breads