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Gautama Buddha's Successor

A Force for Good in Our Time

December 2013
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    5th December 2013
  • ISBN 9781584201618
  • Language English
  • Pages 158 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

“The Bodhisattva who took the place of Gautama when he became Buddha will come in the form of the Maitreya Buddha.... He will be the greatest of the proclaimers of the Christ Impulse.” — Rudolf Steiner (April 13, 1910)

The year 2014 has a special significance that is addressed in this book by Robert Powell and Estelle Isaacson. Dr. Robert Powell is a spiritual researcher who in this short work—and in many other books—brings the results of his own research investigations. Estelle Isaacson is a contemporary seer who is gifted with a remarkable ability to perceive new streams of revelation. Both have been blessed in an extraordinary way by virtue of accessing the realm wherein Christ is presently to be found.

Powell makes the critical point that the year 2014 not only denotes the beginning of a new 600-year cultural wave in history but also that there is an ancient prophecy applying to this very same year, 2014, which can be interpreted as pointing to the onset of the twenty-first-century incarnation of the Bodhisattva who will become the future Maitreya Buddha, the successor to Gautama Buddha. Powell also makes the crucial point that the Maitreya Buddha awaited in Buddhism is the same as the Kalki Avatar expected in Hinduism.

Powell’s contribution serves as an introduction to Isaacson’s offering, comprising a series of six visions relating to the future Maitreya Buddha. The visions are highly inspirational, communicating something of the profound spirituality, peace, radiance, and, above all, goodness of this Bodhisattva who is Gautama Buddha’s successor. His title, Maitreya, means “bearer of the good,” and in Isaacson’s visions he emerges as a remarkable force for good in our time.

Also included in this book are two appendices: A Survey of Rudolf Steiner’s Indications Concerning the Maitreya Buddha and the Kalki Avatar and Valentin Tomberg’s Indications Concerning the Coming Buddha-Avatar, Maitreya-Kalki. A third appendix discusses the significance of Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone of Love meditation as a heralding of Christ’s Second Coming.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Claudia McLaren Lainson

1 “2014 and the Coming of the Kalki Avatar,” by Robert Powell
2 “The Bodhisattva Who Will Become the Maitreya Buddha,” by Estelle Isaacson
3 “The Power of Human Goodness,” by Estelle Isaacson
4 “Align with Me and Think the Good Thoughts,” by Estelle Isaacson
5 “The Maitreya: Traversing the Abyss,” by Estelle Isaacson
6 “When the Maitreya Buddha Comes,” by Estelle Isaacson
7 “The Eternal Smile,” by Estelle Isaacson

1 “Rudolf Steiner on the Maitreya Buddha and the Kalki Avatar,” by Robert Powell
2 “Valentin Tomberg on the Coming Buddha-Avatar, Maitreya-Kalki,” compiled by Robert Powell
3 “The Foundation Stone Meditation,” by Robert Powell

Robert A. Powell, PhD

Robert A. Powell, PhD, is an internationally known lecturer, author, eurythmist, and movement therapist. He is founder of the Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, and cofounder of the Sophia Foundation of North America. He received his doctorate for his thesis The History of the Zodiac, available as a book from Sophia Academic Press. He is the author and coauthor of numerous work, including The Sophia Teachings (a six-tape series), as well as numerous books on star wisdom (Astrosophy), the divine feminine (Sophia), the Christian Mysteries, and sacred movement. He has also been a contributing editor of the annual journal Star Wisdom. He translated the spiritual classic Meditations on the Tarot and co-translated Valentin Tomberg’s Lazarus, Come Forth! Robert teaches a gentle form of healing movement: the sacred dance of eurythmy, as well as the Cosmic Dances of the Planets and signs of the zodiac. Through the Sophia Grail Circle, Robert facilitates sacred celebrations dedicated to the Divine Feminine. He has also offered numerous workshops in Europe and Australia, and with Karen Rivers, cofounder of the Sophia Foundation, and has led pilgrimages to the world’s sacred sites since 1996.

Estelle Isaacson

Estelle Isaacson is a contemporary mystic and seer, whose first books were published by LogoSophia in 2012: Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene: Early Years and Soul Awakening. In volume 1 in her trilogy on the life of Mary Magdalene, Estelle Isaacson presents her visions of the life of Christ as seen through Magdalene’s own eyes. Volume 2, Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene: From Initiation to the Passion, enters the profound mysteries of Christ’s Passion, culminating in the Resurrection. Estelle is coauthor with Robert Powell of Gautama Buddha’s Successor: A Force for Good in Our Time(2013) and The Mystery of Sophia: Bearer of the New Culture: The Rose of the World(2014).