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Everyday Eurythmy

Exercises to Calm, Strengthen, and Centre: A Workbook for Daily Practice

January 2017
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner Press
  • Published
    20th January 2017
  • ISBN 9781855844872
  • Pages 96 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"
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“Eurythmy, if you have heard of it at all, is more than you realize.
It is certainly different from how it usually appears.”

With no previous training or knowledge required, Sivan Karnieli’s handy workbook presents a range of focused, practical exercises to calm, strengthen, and center. Accessible to all, it gives instructions for daily practice that can effectively counteract stress and burnout, psychological blocks and other symptoms of modern life. Whether you work with these exercises for five minutes or an hour a day, they help harmonize body, soul, and spirit, enabling you to find your true self.

This straightforward guide to the art of eurythmy has a huge amount to offer everyone. Rather than delving deeply into theory, it invites you to be active and to make an immediate start!

C O N T E N T S:

Introduction, with Some Practical Tips
• The Momo exercise
• The apple tree exercise
• Reality

1. The Technique of Eurythmy is Love
• Exercise: finding the upright

2. The Outer World is Within Me
• I A O exercise
• I A O with arm movements
• Additional aspects

3. Every Person Wears a Crown
• Exercise: Threefold walking
• Flow in the step / variation with arm movements

4. Do We Still Feel Our Lives?
• Exercise: I am the path
• Spatial awareness
• Path awareness and the dual stream
• Forms with counterstream
• Example of the counterstream: Spiraling inward and outward
• Exercise: Light streams upward—weight bears downward
• Exercise: Yes—No
• Exercise: Hope—U (“oo”)
• Exercise: Love—E (“eh”)

5. Moving with Love
• Exercises: Speech-sound qualities and healing forces
• Liquid L • Penetrating M • B to counteract migraine and other headaches
• Rhythmic R

6. The Heart—An Organ of Perception for Destiny
• Exercise: Sun Power in the human heart (contracting and releasing)
• Contracting—releasing with a sphere
• Scale • Lemniscate • Lemniscate with scale
• Exercise: Hallelujah

7. Consciousness Creates Reality
• Exercise: I think speech
• Exercise: We seek the soul—the spirit shines toward us
• Exercise: Five-pointed star
• The human form • Forms in Space • Five-pointed star with light Rays
• Five-pointed star with I (“ee”)

8. Fully Present in Life
• Exercise: Descending seventh
• Exercise: Exterity E (“eh”)
• Step exercises
• Independence exercises

9. Wholeness within Polarity
• Exercise: Cross form with circle
• Exercise: Five-pointed star with circle

10. Resilience in Daily Life: Spirit-imbued Matter
• Exercise units

Appendix: Areas Where Eurythmy Is Used
• Education • The Workplace
• Medicine and therapy • Stage work
• Further (possible) fields
• For addiction problems
• “Thinking in movement” in academic institutions
• Music college


Sivan Karnieli

Sivan Karnieli was born in Zurich in 1977. She loved eurythmy from childhood, studied philosophy and psychology in Zurich, and then trained as a eurythmist in Dornach. Her professional work includes education, adult education, and stage performance. With her latest book Unternehmung Eurythmie (‘Eurythmy Enterprise’) she offers eurythmy in the workplace and also as a remedy for daily stress. She is married and lives near Basel.