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Kindling the Word

The Karmic Background of Marie Steiner-von Sivers

January 2013
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publishing
  • Published
    18th January 2013
  • ISBN 9781906999421
  • Language English
  • Pages 208 pp.

From the moment that Marie von Sivers met Rudolf Steiner in 1902, their relationship became key to the development of Anthroposophy. Marie Steiner's immense contribution is well known in the fields of eurythmy, speech, and the arts, as well as in her management and publication of Steiner’s literary estate—indeed, she assisted in almost every aspect of Rudolf Steiner's work. So why has she been so neglected by the anthroposophic movement?

Driven by this central question, the authors of this penetrating study concluded that the karma and mission of Marie Steiner-von Sivers is vitally important to the present and future spiritual and cultural development of the West. They evaluate not only Marie's twenty-three-year partnership with Rudolf Steiner, but also her three previous incarnations—in the ancient Orphic Mysteries, as the Neoplatonist Hypatia, and as Albertus Magnus. The lives, acts, cultural legacies, and thought of these various personalities are addressed through a series of lucid essays, interspersed with studies on the missions of both Rudolf and Marie Steiner.

Supplementing these are short extracts from literature that reverberate with the word, helping to reveal the intimately intertwined karmic missions of Marie Steiner-von Sivers and Rudolf Steiner, her work companion and soul partner.

C O N T E N T S:

1. Proem: A Karmic Door Opens (Brien Masters)
2. Introduction: The Grounding of Anthroposophy (Rahel Kern & Brien Masters)
3. Marie Steiner-von Sivers I: Following the Footsteps of Her Childhood (Brien Masters)
4. Marie Steiner-von Sivers II: The Confluence of Two Wellsprings of the Spirit (Brien Masters)
5. Marie Steiner-von Sivers III: By Word of Mouth (Brien Masters)
6. Orpheus (Brien Masters)
7. Pherecydes of Syros: Bifocal Vision Emerging in Greek Consciousness (Rahel Kern)
8. Hypatia of Alexandria: New Perspectives on Her Personality (Rahel Kern)
9. Albertus Magnus I: The Cultural Hinterland of Scholasticism (Rahel Kern)
10. Albertus Magnus II: His Life’s Path and Meeting with Thomas Aquinas (Rahel Kern)
11. Albertus Magnus III: Scholasticism and Its Resurgence in Anthroposophy (Rahel Kern)
12. What Was the Point of Gothic? Architecture and the Development of Human Consciousness (Brien Masters)
13. The Mission of Drama: And Its Alignment with Music Drams and the Mystery Drama (Brien Masters)
14. Heads and Tales: Being Aware of Both Sides of the Steiners’ Spiritual Coin (Brien Masters)
15. Redemption of the Senses: Fading “into the Light of Common Day” and Beyond (Rahel Kern)
16. The Karmic Background of Marie Steiner-von Sivers: Tracing How Awareness Filtered Through (Brien Masters)
17. Summary and Conclusion: Libretto for the West (Rahel Kern & Brien Masters)

Sequence of Events

Rahel Kern

Rahel Kern was born in Germany in 1978 and moved to England after completing high school. She studied for a BA and MA in philosophy at the University of Reading with a focus on modern European Philosophy. She has been an avid student of Anthroposophy since her teens, with a particular interest in Steiner's contributions to philosophy and the evolution of consciousness as reflected in the development of thought through the centuries. She currently lives in London and works in international marketing. Her work takes her on frequent travels around the globe.

Brien Masters

Brien Masters, Ph.D., was qualified as both a state and a Waldorf teacher and taught everything from music to math to map reading. He taught around the world and acted as a consultant to government ministries. He wrote numerous articles and several publications for use in schools. His doctoral thesis is a critical appraisal of Waldorf praxis in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s original educational ideas. Brien Masters was director of the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar, as well as a seminar in Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands. He died in October 2013.