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The Christ Mystery

Reflections on the Second Coming

Robert A. Powell

146 pp.  
6" x 9"




  • "This book is thorough, impressively researched, and broad in scope, encompassing elements of astronomy, astrology, and astrosophy. Robert Powell is breaking new ground with his original work. His writing is uplifting to read as we seek to find our way into the future with deep understanding of what lies behind the material world."

    Brian Gray, scholar, lecturer, and writer on star wisdom

"The event of Christ's Second Coming has ushered in a New Age. Today almost everyone has heard of the New Age, but few people realize that it has to do with Christ's Second Coming. And, as far as I know, Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), the founder of Anthroposophy, was the first person to speak of it. Again and again he referred to the start of the New Age in 1899,... In 1899, there began the reintegration of Christ's etheric body into the etheric aura of the Earth, lasting 33 years until 1933.... [The Christ Mystery] is intended as a contribution to help find an orientation to this event." (Robert Powell)"


  • Foreword
  • Reflections on the Second Coming
  • Star Wisdom and the Holy Grail
  • Sub-nature and the Second Coming
  • The Second Coming and the Approaching Trial of Humanity
  • Tribulation and the Second Coming
  • Living in Apocalyptic Times
  • Great Signs from Heaven
  • Conclusion

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