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Singing and the Etheric Tone

Gracia Ricardo's Approach to Singing, Based on Her Work with Rudolf Steiner

Hilda Deighton and Gina Palermo

96 pp.  
5 ½ x 8 ½





Singing and the Etheric Tone introduces a practical, joyful approach to singing that draws its strength and inspiration from Gracia Ricardo's work with Rudolf Steiner.

Chapter 1 deals with the tone, the onset of the tone, the humming approach, and the relations between vowels, consonants, words, and phrases.

Chapter 2 goes into the voice, how to build a voice and extend its range.

Chapter 3 develops the idea of blending the vocal registers, the placement of the voice, embellishments, resonance, and diction.

Finally, the book moves on to some professional tips on choosing a program, stage fright, mood, presence, etc.

This is an invaluable book for any singer, professional or not, who wants to improve singing abilities based on working with the whole body—the spirit, the soul, and the physical organism.

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