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More Radiant than the Sun

A Handbook for Working with Steiner's Meditations and Exercises

Gertrude Reif Hughes

120 pp.  
5" x 8"



Published:  December 2015


“In this invaluable handbook, Gertrude Reif Hughes, in addition to providing us a comprehensive introduction, has given what has been so long needed in connection with Rudolf Steiner’s verses and exercises—the benefit of a deep and evolving personal experience in working with them.” —Frederick Dennehy, attorney

Rudolf Steiner (1861–1924) spoke many times about the need for more than an intellectual understanding of what he taught as the spiritual path of Anthroposophy, or Spiritual Science, and to this end provided numerous meditations and exercises for his esoteric students during the first three decades of the twentieth century. He always emphasized the need for self-development through the regular practice of meditations and exercises to strengthen and clarify one’s thinking, feeling, and will. Steiner saw such efforts as means not only to develop spiritual sight, but also to protect oneself inwardly from the various dangers inherent to inner development, including egoism and mistaking fantasy for spiritual realities.

This handbook offers verses, exercises, and original instructions from Steiner, along with commentary, suggestions, and context from Gertrude Reif Hughes, a student of Anthroposophy for much of her life. Having meditated Steiner’s verses and their meanings for decades, she describes how the content of these inspiring meditations can create far-reaching effects for one’s life on Earth as well as for one’s eventual life in the spiritual world.

More Radiant than the Sun will be a valuable companion for anyone who is serious about deepening the practice of Anthroposophy.

  • Introduction
  • Three Meditations on Self
    • More Radiant Than the Sun
    • Life Becomes
    • The Six Essential Exercises
  • Three Plant Meditations
    • Perceiving Growth and Decay
    • The Visible and Invisible
    • Plant Meditation
  • Three Meditations on the Cosmos
    • Trust in Thinking
    • Rainbow Colors Exercise
    • From Static to Dynamic
  • Three Meditations on Moral Ideas
    • The Rose Cross
    • Meditating on a Feeling of Joy
    • Point and Periphery Exercise
  • The Foundation Meditation
  • Afterword: Fostering Transformation from the Future
  • Cited and Relevant Works

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