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Rebecca Kneale Gould


Rebecca Kneale Gould is Associate Professor of Religion and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont. Gould’s first book, At Home in Nature: Modern Homesteading and Spiritual Practice in America (University of California, 2005) is an ethnographic and historical study of back-to-the-land experiments based on research she conducted while living and working at the homestead of Helen and Scott Nearing. Gould’s more recent publications (in Jon Isham’s, Ignition; Whitney Bauman’s Grounding Religion; Cecile Andrew’s Less is More; and Tufts University Press/Mildred’s Lane Press, Renovating Walden) reflect two of her current research and writing projects: religiously based environmental action and the impact “time-famine” on physical, spiritual, and ecological wellbeing. Gould is the co-creator and coproducer (with director Phil Walker) of the documentary film, The Fire Inside: Place, Passion, and the Primacy of Nature (2012), which premiered in at the Yale Divinity School. She lives in Vermont, with her partner and six well-loved sheep.

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American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner

Emerson – Thoreau – Peirce – James – Royce – Dewey – Whitehead – Feminism