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Douglas Sloan


Douglas Sloan is Professor of History and Education Emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he has taught for more than thirty years. During this time, he was also Adjunct Professor of Religion and Education at Union Theological Seminary and The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, and Director of the Center for the Study of the Spiritual Foundations of Education at Teachers College. From 1992 until 2000, he was also Director of the Masters Program in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College. His books include Insight-Imagination: The Emancipation of Thought and the Modern Worldand Faith and Knowledge: Mainstream Protestantism and American Higher Education. He and his wife Fern live near Harlemville, New York.

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Author's Books

The Redemption of the Animals

Their Evolution, Their Inner Life, and Our Future Together


American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner

Emerson – Thoreau – Peirce – James – Royce – Dewey – Whitehead – Feminism

Foundations of Waldorf Education Series 16

The Child's Changing Consciousness

As the Basis of Pedagogical Practice (CW 306)

Rudolf Steiner
Foreword by Douglas Sloan
Translated by Roland Everett