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Noel Cobb


Noel Cobb (1938–2015) traveled widely in his early years, both geographically and intellectually, in search of a way of thinking adequate to his own rich and abounding imagination. His odyssey brought him to working with R. D Laing, becoming a Jungian analyst, and developing, with other contemporary thinkers, the re-visioning of psychology and culture through archetypal psychology. With his partner Eva Loewe, he cofounded The London Convivium for Archetypal Studies and published numerous books, including Prospero’s Island: The Secret Alchemy at the Heart of The Tempest.  

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Author's Books

Studies in Imagination Series

Archetypal Imagination

Glimpses of the Gods in Life and Art

Noel Cobb
Introduction by Thomas Moore
Studies in Imagination Series

The Planets Within

The Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino

Thomas Moore
Introduction by Noel Cobb