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Thomas Moore


Thomas Moore is the author of Care of the Soul, which spent forty-six weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, as well as fifteen other books on deepening spirituality and cultivating the soul in every aspect of life. He has been a monk, a musician, a university professor, and a psychotherapist, and today he lectures widely on holistic medicine, spirituality, psychotherapy, and ecology. He lectures frequently in Ireland and has a special love of Irish culture. He has Ph. D. in religion from Syracuse University and has won several awards for his work, including an honorary doctorate from Lesley University and the Humanitarian Award from Einstein Medical School of Yeshiva University. He also writes fiction and music and often works with his wife, artist and yoga instructor, Hari Kirin. He writes regular columns for Resurgence and Spirituality & Health. He is a patron of Re-Vision, a London center of spirituality and counseling, and on the board of Turning Point, a bereavement counselors training program in Dublin, Ireland. Recent works include Soul Therapy: The Art and Craft of Caring Conversations (2021) and Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey toward Meaning and Joy (2017).

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Author's Books

Studies in Imagination Series

The Planets Within

The Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino

Thomas Moore
Introduction by Noel Cobb
Studies in Imagination Series

Archetypal Imagination

Glimpses of the Gods in Life and Art

Noel Cobb
Introduction by Thomas Moore

The Voice of the Eagle Edition 2

The Heart of Celtic Christianity: John Scotus Eriugena’s Homily on the Prologue to the Gospel of St. John

John Scotus Eriugena
Introduction by Christopher Bamford
Translated with commentary by Christopher Bamford
Foreword by Thomas Moore