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Karma in Human Life

As Received through Spirit Guides

January 2023
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  • Publisher
    Clairview Books
  • Published
    31st January 2023
  • ISBN 9781912992409
  • Language English
  • Pages 104 pp.
  • Size 5.4" x 8.5"

“Karma for most of us is best understood as ‘cause and effect,’ relating to our daily interactions with others. Bob’s book seeks to show that karma is not so easily explained, or to be seen in such black-and-whit terms. It is much more complex and interwoven with past-life situations that play a part in our current earthly lives. It also relates to some of the great puzzles of our time, such as the causes of pandemics and illnesses, wars and climate change.

“Bob rightly trusts his wonderful spirit guides and lets them have pride of place.” — Peter John

The concept of karma is derived from ancient Eastern religious tradition, but the word has become very much a part of contemporary vocabulary. We speak of karma in the sense of individuals getting “what they deserve”—usually in a negative sense. But is karma a law of retribution or is it based on healing and love?

In this thought-provoking work, Dr. Bob Woodward investigates such issues in conversation with his spirit guides. Beginning with the most basic question of what karma is, they describe how this law of destiny relates to illness, human freedom, relationships and individual development, as well as major world crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, wars and conflicts, global warming, and climate change. They also examine how such key issues might relate to “world karma” rather than to personal destinies.

Woodward’s spiritual guides speak of karmic law as being “filled with compassion.” It is not a law that makes people or beings subservient to some almighty and dictatorial power, but a law generated by love itself. It exists to bring order, recompense, and compassion to all beings in their mutual relationships.

Karma in Human Life offers answers to many questions and enigmas relating to modern-day earthly life.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Peter John

1. Introduction
2. What Is Karma?
3. Karma in Relationships
4. Karma in Illness
5. Karma in Pandemic
6. Karma in Accidents
7. Karma in Evolution
8. Karma in Freedom
9. Karma in Climate Change
10. Karma in Conflict

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More about the Author

Bob Woodward

Dr. Bob Woodward was born in 1947 in Gloucester, UK. Having studied at public and Steiner schools, he became a coworker at the Sheiling School in Thornbury, a Camphill Community center, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. He remained in the Camphill Movement, living with and teaching children with special educational needs, for some forty years before retiring in 2012. He took a special interest in understanding autism in children and young people. At the age of 46, Bob received an MEd degree from Bristol University, followed by an MPhil at the age of 50, and a PhD from the University of the West of England at the age of 64. As well as being a qualified educator, he is a spiritual healer and the author of several books. He has been married for forty-two years and has five grown children and many grandchildren.