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Laura Liska


Laura Liska is a naturalist, researcher, photographer, and writer who spends a vast amount of her time wandering among magnificent landscapes and works of art, wondering about color, seasonality and beauty. She has been a freelance research associate with the Institute for Contextual Science at the Goetheanum in Switzerland for over a decade. Her original “Falling Leaves Project” explores nature’s coloring in the seasonal cycle of the year through applications of Goethe’s color theory and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical spiritual science. Her current research expands into questions of scientific and theological aesthetics, and the role of beauty in the reconciliation of science, art, and religion. She also has the privilege of editing and translating written works by European Goethean scientists for the English-speaking world. Prior to all that she worked as both an artist and as the biodynamic education coordinator for Rudolf Steiner College, the Biodynamic Association of Northern California, and the Biodynamic Association of North America. Laura currently resides in the French Alsace on the border of Switzerland where she continues to wander happily in stunning Alpine valleys and through Europe’s exquisite museums of art.

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Author's Books

Kees Veenman
Foreword by Christine Gruwez
Translated by Laura Liska
Adonis Press Series

Rainbows, Halos, Dawn and Dusk

The Appearance of Color in the Atmosphere and Goethe's Theory of Colors