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From Yoga to the Rose Cross

October 2019
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    8th October 2019
  • ISBN 9781584209157
  • Pages 274 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

“Thunderbolt light of sacred love is your continuous resurging, the reply of the gods to your endless gift. But only beyond the ancient cloistered circle of nature and of the psyche can your free being know the language of the gods, the thinking that makes a thunderbolt light of itself.”

This book recounts a life experience, one whose only meaning for Massimo Scaligero was to carry out that experience itself. Thus, there is no concession to any existential element unless it proves indispensable for introducing or clarifying essential passages of the cognitive and realizable path—as if the situations and personalities remembered are not random, but archetypes of many levels and forms of knowledge, the importance of which is not exhausted in personal characteristics but required as objective facts, susceptible to proof and comparison for any spiritual investigators today who seriously inquire into the meaning of our human adventure together on Earth.

Using an autobiographical form as his framework, the author shows how the experience of Yoga is actually the most esoteric path—that of the Rose Cross—when taken to its ultimate conclusion by flowing into a “modern” initiatory path that manifests formally as Spiritual Science.

“I cannot say that, at some point in my life, sensory experience lacked behind-the-scenes, suprasensory activity as an immediate complement. As a result, this did not prevent me from living this suprasensory activity in its objective naturalness. The suprasensory foundation of reality during childhood could be as familiar to me as the sensory itself in the charming guise of fable and myth, and then be gradually transformed and emerge as the genesis of concepts, where in reality, from the depths of the soul, the fable’s light had to resurface as architectural, and thus logical. In this light moving from the heart of facts rather than from their appearing, I soon began to feel more truth than in the analytical weaving of history.”

C O N T E N T S:

Preface by Beniamino Melasecchi
Introduction by Beniamino Melasecchi

1. The Original Mediation
2. The Solar Seminar
3. Julius Evola
4. Paolo M. Virio
5. The Rosecrucian Path
6. The Essence of Yoga
7. Anthroposophy
8. Giovanni Colazza
9. Political “Maya”
10. “Regina Coeli”
11. Hegel, Gentile, Aurobindo, and The Philosophy of Freedom
12. Shakti and Logos
13. Communicating Spiritual Science
14. Yoga and the Rose Cross
15. Obstructive Deities
16. Magia Sexualis
17. Inviolable Secretum

Index of Names

Massimo Scaligero

Massimo Scaligero (1906–1980) was born Antonio Scabelloni in Veroli (Frosinone), Italy. He was a contemporary Italian spiritual master who drank deeply from both Western and Eastern traditions. By direct experience, he was equally at home with Western philosophy and psychology, Western esotericism (Rosicrucianism, Templarism, and Anthroposophy) and Eastern meditative practices (Zen and Tibetan Buddhism). He was the author of numerous books, including (in Italian, untranslated): The Way of the Solar Will; Immortal Love; Yoga, Meditation, Magic; From Yoga to the Rose Cross; Practical Manual of Meditation; The Logos and the New Mysteries; Psychotherapy; Techniques of Inner Concentration; Healing with Thinking; Meditation and Miracles; Thinking as Antimaterialism; Western Kundalini; Isis Sophia; and Zen and Logos.