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Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood

The Mystery of Transformation

November 2007
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publishing
  • Published
    5th November 2007
  • ISBN 9781902636894
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 5.125" x 6.25"

“The contents of this volume have arisen from my own spiritual experience, and do not represent any kind of hypothesis or speculation, except where I expressly say that I am unable to make any definitive statement about a particular event or set of circumstances.”

After she received the stigmata in 2004, Judith von Halle began vividly to experience the events that occurred at the time of Christ. These continuing experiences are not visionary or clairvoyant in nature, but constitute an actual participation, involving all human senses, in the events themselves. To complement this method of witnessing Christ’s life, von Halle applies a spiritual-scientific mode of observation—a form of research based on one’s true being—the human “I”—crossing of the spiritual threshold while fully conscious. Combining the results, here she describes, in her most powerful book to date, secrets connected to various events of Christ’s Passion.

Von Halle discusses the Mystery of Golgotha in its relationship to the formation of the Resurrection Body; the Mystery of the Spear Wound in Christ’s side and the Grail Blood; and how Christ’s Seven Words on the Cross relate to the Stations of the Cross.

C O N T E N T S:


1. The Mystery of Golgotha and Formation of the Resurrection

Evolution of the Archetypal Spiritual–Physical Human Form
The Occult Background to the Three Earthquakes
The Diverse Properties of the Different Bodily Sheaths
The Earth as Physical Body of the Christ Spirit
The Crucifixion Wounds and Renewal of the Earth’s Aura

2. The Spear-wound Mystery and the Grail Blood

The Testimony of St. John
The Evolution and Higher Evolution of the Body
The Etherized Blood: The Renewed Basis of Life
The Physical Body at the Etheric Level

3. The Stations of the Cross and the Seven Words of Christ on the Cross

The Judgment of Pilate: Beginning of the Stations of the Cross
The Sacrificial Path
The Seven Falls
The Seven Words on the Cross
Transformation of the Fallen Blood
The Resurrection Body—the First Energy Form on the Path of Spirit Man

Judith von Halle

Judith von Halle was born in Berlin in 1972. She attended school in Germany and the U.S. and studied architecture, graduating in 1998. She encountered Anthroposophy in 1997 and began working as a staff member at Rudolf Steiner House in Berlin, where she also lectured from 2001, while maintaining an architectural practice. In 2004, her life was transformed when she received the stigmata. Her first book was published in German in 2005, and she now works principally as a lecturer and author. She lives with her husband in Berlin.