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Walther Bühler

Dr. Walther Bühler (1913–1995) was born in Homburg, Saarland, Germany. He studied Medicine and Science and in 1940, after his promotion in Freiburg to health officer during World War II, became a prisoner of war of the English, who held him until 1945. Since then he has practiced medicine. Dr. Bühler became a cofounder and director of the Paracelsus Hospital in Bad Liebenzell-Unterlengenhardt, and a board member of the Vereins für ein erweitertes Heilwesen (“Association for an extended system of medicine”). He worked extensively as a teacher and lecturer, and is the author of numerous articles and several books. Since 1968 he was a teacher and lecturer on issues of public health.

Books by Walther Bühler :

Living with Your Body

Health, Illness, and Understanding the Human Being

Metamorphoses of Light

Lightning, Rainbows, and the Northern Lights: A Spiritual-Scientific Study

Why Is Easter a Movable Feast?

The Spiritual Significance of the Changing Date of Easter