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Stephen Turoff

Stephen Turoff (b. 1947) began his career as a carpenter but soon realized he wanted to focus fully on spiritual work. Now, with more than forty years of experience, he is one of the best-known psychic therapists in the world, working with the Power of Light to raise consciousness and bring inner balance and wellbeing. Stephen is also a teacher of meditation and kriya yoga and leads seminars that promote deeper self-understanding and realization of one's purpose as a human being in this world. Based in Essex, England, Stephen continues to help numerous individuals with their personal development and healing, both in the UK and abroad. He is the author of Seven Steps to Eternity: The True Story of One Man's Journey—as Told to “Psychic Surgeon” Stephen Turoff (2000) and Love, Love, Love: Spiritual Teachings (2019).

Books by Stephen Turoff :

Love, Love, Love

Spiritual Teachings

Seven Steps to Eternity

The True Story of One Man's Journey—
as Told to “Psychic Surgeon” Stephen Turoff