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Maria Renold

Maria Renold (1917-2003) spent her childhood in the U.S., where her parents emigrated to establish a eurythmy school in New York. She studied eurythmy and later violin and viola and toured with the Bush Chamber Orchestra and the Bush String Quartet. One of Renoldºs deeply-felt questions concerned the correct concert pitch. When she heard of Rudolf Steinerºs concert pitch suggestion of c = 128 Hz, she put it into practice immediately, and experimented with it for many years in both America and Europe. She discovered a new method of tuning the piano, closer to the tuning of stringed instruments, arriving at the concert pitch of a1 = 432 Hz. First published in German in 1985, her book has become a modern classic of musical research.

Books by Maria Renold :

Intervals, Scales, Tones

And the Concert Pitch c = 128 Hz