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Daniel Joseph Polikoff

Poet, translator, and independent scholar Daniel Polikoff received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University and his Diploma in Waldorf Education from Rudolf Steiner College. In addition to work in numerous literary journals and anthologies, he has published two collections of poetry (Dragon Ship and The Hands of Stars) as well as Parzival/Gawain: Two Plays, his edited translation of a dramatic version of the Grail legend. Dr. Polikoff has taught literature in Waldorf schools and shared his passion for Rilke in a wide variety of venues, including the Festival of Archetypal Psychology at Notre Dame (where the idea for In the Image of Orpheus was born); the San Francisco Jung Society; and seminars in literary circles. He resides with his wife Monika and two children in the San Francisco Bay area.

Books by Daniel Joseph Polikoff :

In the Image of Orpheus

RILKE – A Soul History

Parzival – Gawain

From "The Grail" by A.M. Miller: Two Plays
Translated and Edited by Daniel Joseph Polikoff