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Peter Elsner

Peter Elsner (b.1955) studied at The Braunschweig University of Art. From the beginning of his artistic biography, he was interested in drawing, painting, sculpture and music. He is cofounder of the interdisciplinary art and research project called HEAD RESONANCE Company (HRC), dedicated to realizing ideas and researching laws relating to the manifestation of an idea in time and space. Elsner began an artistic project to research the universal ideas and specialized structures in nature and culture. This led to an interest in Anthroposophy and Goethe's idea of metamorphosis. His interest in Anthroposophy and metamorphosis deepened while studying art teacher education at the Goethean Studies Center in Vienna. After finishing his studies, Elsner taught and lectured as a full-time teacher at the Goethean Studies Center in Vienna drawing, painting, and sculpture in connection with metamorphosis of the plant, animal, and human being. From 1994 to 1997, he worked as a guest tutor at the Snellman college in Helsinki and the Forum in Hamburg. He now lives in Helsinki and teaches sculpture and metamorphosis in the Goethean art and art teacher education at Snellman College in Finland.

Books by Peter Elsner :

Metamorphosis in Nature and Art

The Dynamic of Form in Plants, Animals, and Human Beings