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Julius Knierim

Julius Knierim (1919–1999) was director of the Freie Musik Schule near Stuttgart, Germany. In 1943, he earned a degree in musicology in Berlin, and married to the musician Maja Krückeberg. Following military service and his return from captivity, he began studying education at the Waldorf teacher training college in Stuttgart. In 1947 he began work at the Michaelshof Hepsisau, a therapeutic home school, where for 50 years he developed a diverse musical life. He published Quintenlieder (1970); Lieder und Chöre (1981); Zwischen Hören und Bewegen. Von den Heilkräften der Musik (1988); and Musik zum Oberuferer Dreikönigsspiel (1993). He died in Niefern-Öschelbronn, near Karlsruhe, Germany.

Books by Julius Knierim :


Children's Rhymes from Germany, France, Holland, and Sweden