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Verena Staël von Holstein

Verena Staël von Holstein was born in Rendsburg, Germany, in 1959. She studied surveying and hydrography and worked as a computer programer and as a hydrographic surveyor. She is a homemaker with two children and lives at a watermill in Lüneburger Heide, a heathland region in northern Germany. A student of Rudolf Steiner's work, from childhood on she has been able to perceive the etheric and astral realms in human beings and in the natural world. She has learned over many years to train her metaphysical perceptions so that communication with nature spirits takes place almost as a matter of course. She receives answers spiritually in the form of patterns, ideas, and sometimes images and translates them into human concepts. She is the author of several books, including Nature Spirits of the Trees and What They Want to Tell Us.

Books by Verena Staël von Holstein :

Nature Spirits and What They Say

Messages from Elemental and Nature Beings

Nature Spirits of the Trees and What They Want to Tell Us

Messages from the Beings of the Trees
Translated by Matthew Barton