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J. A. Henderson

J. A. Henderson is the author of 24 children’s, teenage, YA and adult fiction and non-fiction books, published in the UK, US, Germany and (surprisingly) the Czech Republic. His novels have been short listed for twelve literary awards and he is the winner of the Royal Mail and Doncaster Book Prizes. He was also a writer/director at Witherbee Children’s Theatre in New York State for five seasons, where he also ran a weekly cabaret, acted and designed sets. He has worked as a financial consultant, pen engraver, factory worker, hospital domestic, graphic artist, cocktail barman, rubber stamp designer, script reader, call center worker, dishwasher, and balloon decorator in Scotland; a French waiter (complete with fake accent) in New York City; fry cook, cleaner, and van driver in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains; and pepper salesman, domino seller, muralist, Easter bunny and pornography store clerk in Texas. He is the owner of Black Hart Entertainment (retail and publishing), City of the Dead (ghost and history tours) and the Green Light (talks, workshops and advice to budding writers). He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Books by J. A. Henderson :

It's Only the End of the World

Super-human. Seriously unprepared